India Safari

When I went on a safari in India is a moment that I will never forget. We woke up at six each morning  to get on our car with our very friendly tour guide. When we first got into the conservation it was beautiful the first thing I saw was a monkey sitting on a rock. Over the next few days we saw colourful birds,dears and lots of monkeys and it was all amazing except that our driver kept racing along desperate to find us a tiger and that very evening he did it was very hard to see as it was very camouflaged. Another amazing animal I saw was a sloth bear even the tour guide had never seen one in the day before we saw it wondering about right near our car and then it went when a very noisy group came by and scared it off even though we only saw it for about five minutes i will never forget it.

So thats my blog on my safari in India


Bye Louise Summers


Hello world!

Hey and welcome to my new blog!!!  I am a quirky and happy person and my hobbies are swimming,reading and doing art. On this blog i will be writing about real life situations. If you would like to sugest a subject you could either comment or send me an e-mail at Thank you and i hope you enjoy my blog.

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